Priti Pandurangan

Urban Echoes

Visualising London's Acoustic Tapestry

In this project, I explore the sonic juxtapositions of the city — capturing its perceived silences amidst chaos, the interplay of slow & fast, beginnings & endings, the natural & the mechanical. I wonder how these fragments overlap and shape the whole.

  • Data Walk
  • Mapping
  • Printmaking
  • Sensory
  • Visceralisation

In a group, we delved into the spirit of Psychogeography and the auditory characteristics of our neighbourhood, exploring various ideas and themes. During our data walk, we gathered sound recordings, which we then classified into three categories: sounds of arrivals, departures, and transitions. Additionally, I personally selected a few of these sounds and used concrete poetry as a means to visually represent their unique sonic characteristics.

Group members
Muskeen Liddar, Priti Pandurangan, Xiaolu Zheng, Yuyang He

Chalking out potential themes and ideas


Visual Inspiration

Collected inspirations from concrete poetry and sound scores

Visual Explorations

At the Letterpress


Print Production


I created a few concrete poetry compositions and experimented with various printing techniques such as using a photopolymer plate and thermography powder to raise the ink and enhance details on the final print.


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